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If you are more than just a fan and want to "really" get in on the action...  


We offer our E-Beauty Consultants a WHOPPING 15% Commission on all the customers that utilize your new KeraVada website! 


We do all the work for you!  You just give out your KeraVada website link and we do the rest.   From creating and managing the website to packing and shipping to the customer, we do it all. 


  • Send "Your" Customers to your own KeraVada website.  
  • KeraVada Website commissions up to 15%

Once you post or give your link out to friends and family we handle the rest while "YOU" rest!


Just refer your customer using your personalized website link!



$99 Set Up Fee

$0 Monthly Fee


Beauty Consultant + **Sales of $1000.00




Send "Your" Customers to your own KeraVada website.  


Grow to the Next Commission Level at no charge!

Sign Up other Reps under your to make commission on their sales!



15% Commission on Everything 

Your Customer Buys!

**Must Maintain 1000.00 Sales Per Quarter to maintain status